Build a duplex and maximise your land’s potential

With two separate homes on one block, a duplex can open up opportunities you hadn’t thought of. Live in one and rent the other (or both!) for an income revenue that will help you pay your mortgage faster. Or make caring for elderly family members more manageable by having them live independently but close-by.

Whether you’re looking for an additional income stream, an investment or a convenient accommodation arrangement for family, we can build a duplex home that is perfect for your situation.

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Two homes + one block = profits

We build custom houses that suit every lifestyle – and our duplexes are no exception. We collaborate with you on a design that best suits your block, meets your needs and ticks your modern living boxes.

If your home is looking tired, or you need a home with more space, why not be creative: knock it down and rebuild new with a duplex. You’ll have a new home with all the space you need and an investment opportunity next door.

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The team behind high quality duplexes

Our building experience means we know what it takes to maximise the potential of your block of land. Our on-site consultation service is an opportunity to inspect your site, understand what you want from your new home design and identify any compliance issues early.

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